Your Story is

Your Greatest Legacy

Strategic Planning
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Grow your business, improve profitability and enjoy your work. Get clarity on your brand, your story and your marketing.

Strategic Planning

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With both Horse Work and Course Work, your team will learn new ways to problem-solve, become more skilled at collaboration, and learn to achieve success as a cohesive unit.


Leadership Development
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Legacy Ranch grows great leaders. Whether leading a team, offering leadership to your clients, or personal leadership for greater success, find your path for growth at Legacy Ranch.

Leadership Development

Break Away Retreats
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Sometimes you have to break away in order to Break Out. Schedule a private retreat at beautiful Legacy Ranch on the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies.

Break Away Retreats

Legacy Ranch Private Retreats

Legacy Ranch is dedicated to lawyers who are committed to their clients, who work daily to protect individuals and families and help preserve legacies.

Located just nine miles east of Colorado Springs, on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, the Ranch has more than 40 acres of expansive views. From the ranch house you can watch the sun rise each morning over the vast high plains to the east, and set each evening on the rocky summit of Pikes Peak. It is here that we invite you to retreat, to study and work together to build your legacy.

But the story of Legacy Ranch begins more than a decade ago at King’s Ransom, a small farm on the tallgrass prairie of Kansas. Once a rundown, forgotten farmstead, the little farm came to life when filled with the joys of family and friendship. Through the years, King’s Ransom became a refuge and retreat. People and animals alike were drawn to her wide, rolling fields. They marveled at moonlight sparkling on the lake. They found calm in the melody of her evenings as horses came in for the night and coyotes sang on the ridges.

When you came to King’s Ransom, you slowed down, if only for a moment. You were drawn to linger with a big horse, or to laugh with a pony. Your heart was calmed and your thoughts were stilled. And from that stillness strong voices emerged that many claim had been too long silent. And with those strong voices, powerful stories were told.

Stories that were true.

Stories that touch people’s hearts.

Stories that would build legacies.

The story that began at King’s Ransom is still being told, but to more people now than the little Kansas farm could reach. It’s being told here, in the shadow of the Rockies, at the edge of the plains.

Our mission at Legacy Ranch is to help you find your voice, discover your story and tell it in a true, compelling way that touches people’s hearts.

Because your story is your greatest legacy.

Legacy Ranch
Legacy Ranch

Why Strategic Planning?

The goal of strategic planning is to grow your business at a sustainable pace, improve profitability and allow you to enjoy your work. There is a strategy that can get you there.

Strategy Drives Marketing ... and the Message

It’s important to be clear on your business strategy before trying to craft marketing messages. In fact, difficulty writing compelling marketing messages is one sign that you haven’t done the hard work of strategy planning. Once you achieve strategic clarity, the marketing messages fall naturally into place.

Our Approach

If you think strategic planning is a boring, painful waste of your otherwise billable time – banish those thoughts now. You have never experienced a planning retreat quite like this. At Legacy Ranch, you’ll experience an energetic planning process that is uniquely interactive. Our work in experiential learning and process facilitation guides clients to achieve levels of insight and clarity far beyond other, more traditional approaches.

Common issues addressed in strategic planning retreats:

  • Strategic Activity Mapping to ensure strategic fit across all your activities.
  • Identifying your Unique Value Proposition.
  • Creating a vision for Big, Hairy Audacious Goals and designing a strategy to achieve them.
  • Mapping out a Strategy Canvas to identify unique consumer value points and discover a Blue Ocean Strategy for your practice
  • Exploring and developing your compelling brand story, in alignment with your strategy
  • Developing a comprehensive brand marketing plan.


Bring your team to Legacy Ranch for a unique teambuilding experience. Focus on how to connect as a team, communicate non-verbally, and collaborate as a cohesive unit, with respect for each individual’s unique strengths and contributions.

With both Horse Work and Course Work, your team will learn new ways of problem solving, become more skilled at collaboration and creative thinking, and learn to define and achieve success as a team.

Course Work focuses on strengths-based team roles. Utilizing the Gallup Strengths-Finder assessment tool, we will explore your team’s unique individual and group talents. The genius of Strengths-Finder is in its potential for leveraging the strengths of an entire team to move your firm forward.

In Horse Work, staying on the ground with horses, everyone becomes fairly equal, especially when faced with a challenge. Sometimes the outcome can be surprising, for example the usual team leader may not turn out to be the most effective in a horse-focused challenge. Someone else may have the specific leadership qualities needed for a given challenge. Experiential activities, like those at Legacy Ranch, are powerful ways to help teams understand their strengths, emphasizing both individual uniqueness and team dynamics.

Your team building retreat may take from one to a few days. A shorter-term event is best for building awareness of team building issues, while a longer-term event offers opportunities for application of learning and integration of ‘take-away’ tools. Depending on your needs, team building activities could be the main focus of your retreat, or an addition to a strategic planning or leadership development retreat.

Leadership Development

A truly great leader is someone who can articulate a powerful, positive and compelling vision and generate the trust and support needed to execute on this vision.

Whether your leadership development needs are focused on providing client leadership, team leadership, or personal leadership to achieve greater success, the Leadership Development programs at Legacy Ranch can help you achieve your goals.

At Legacy Ranch, leadership development is a three-step process:

Step One: Prepare to Grow

We begin with a comprehensive intake worksheet and initial consultation. Our goal is to assess your current leadership skills and behavioral style, and explore your leadership needs and goals.

Preparation will:

  • Give a detailed analysis of your behavioral and leadership style
  • Identify and clarify your development leadership needs and goals
  • Establish the foundation and direction of your leadership development program.

Step Two: The Legacy Ranch Experience

Legacy Ranch offers a safe but challenging opportunity for you to break away from your routine, calm your mind and focus on learning and goal-setting. Your experience will involve self-analysis and reflection, experiential activities, and coaching to clarify your vision and establish an action plan. Partnering with horses at the Ranch, you will get immediate, unfiltered feedback on your leadership skills – from nonverbal communication to your ability to establish trust, lead from behind, and share a clear vision of success.

Step Three: Achieve

Go home with the vision, the strategy and the momentum to achieve your goals. Now it’s time to do the work. And we’re here with your follow-up program for ongoing support:

  • Two 45-minute phone coaching sessions
  • A personal assessment at the three-month mark to measure your progress
  • Access to exclusive eLearning opportunities with the IMS and Legacy Ranch staff, executives and your fellow program participants

Break Away Retreats

What is the difference between the firm that achieves Break-Out results and the firm caught in perpetual struggles with cash flow issues, staff overturn, fee pressure, and so on?

Break Away to Break Out

Before you can Break Out, you may have to Break Away. It’s tough to see with inspired vision when you’re dealing with a client phone call, a staff question, or a troublesome copy machine.

Schedule your private retreat at beautiful Legacy Ranch on the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. With 44 unspoiled acres the Ranch provides plenty of space to break away from your routine. Enjoy views to the east of the vast high plains, or look to the west in awe of Pikes Peak. Watch for our herd of pronghorn antelope to pass through, listen to coyotes sing at night, or take some time to brush down a horse (or three).

Private Retreats at Legacy Ranch

Focus your Ranch time on strategic planning, marketing, team building or leadership development. Retreats can be scheduled for one, two or three days, depending upon your needs, budget and goals. Start with a telephone consultation to identify issues and determine the timeframe and structure that will work best for your situation.

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